Although you were charged with a crime, it does not necessarily follow that you were found guilty. Charges can be disposed of by a dismissal (nolle prosequi), acquittal (not guilty), stet (inactive docket), or probation before judgment (PBJ). These cases remain on the docket until the accused applies to the court to have these charges expunged. Although not indicative of guilt, these charges can adversely affect your ability to rent an apartment, get hired by an employer, or to adopt! We may also be able to apply to expunge charges against you if the offense has been decriminalized, i.e. the activity/event for which you were charged and convicted is now a civil citation rather than a criminal charge. If you have been previously charged with a crime in Maryland and you do not currently have any charges pending, contact us for an appointment to determine whether the record of your arrest and disposition of the charges may be expunged.

Author: Deborah